“We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are.

-Anais Nin


Garima Kohli (The Shrink) is a Psychologist who likes to help people find answers to their questions and solutions to problems.


Garima is an Honours Graduate in Psychology from Kamala Nehru College, Delhi University and a Masters in Psychology awarded by Amity University. In addition, she has been extensively trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Radical Therapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


At present, she works with people in groups or individually, enabling behavior change. Garima has grounded her work on analyzing client’s inner conflict as per their model of the world, keeping aside technical terminologies, societal notions out of client-therapist conversations.

She has been successful in empowering many individuals, providing them with tools of awareness and improvement.

She also has experience in facilitating corporate trainings for employee groups, life skills project for school students and workshops in general.


In her words, about the purpose of counselling:

“I believe Life is a Dynamic Experience. Sometimes the experience may seem difficult and painful. During such experience it is advisable to talk to a professional, to figure out what makes the experience painful and how to come out of it.”


What is Individual Counselling?

Individual Counselling is a therapeutic journey in which a Counsellor assists the Client to solve problems they are facing. A problem could be of any type, causing distress and the client experiences difficulty in coping with it.

The role of the therapist is to understand, analyze a situation based on client’s expression of it and guides the client to solve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you help me?

I can help you solve a problem or range of problems you are experiencing, provided they are related to human behavior. This process of help is called counseling session.


Do I need psychological counseling?

A client usually approaches me with a need to resolve pain, discomfort, the stress he/she is experiencing with regard to something or someone. If you are seeking a solution to a problem which is causing stress in your life or would like to know yourself better, then a counseling is the way towards it.


Will you share what I tell you?

Counseling sessions are conducted under strict confidentiality. What you share remains between the counselor and you, unless required to be disclosed (medical, legal emergency).


How are problems solved?

Counseling is a journey in which your therapist helps you discover who you are, your needs and develops an action plan for you. An action plan is like your homework that requires small yet important changes in behavior.


What if I have difficulty in sharing my problems?

Sharing one’s life experiences and concerns is difficult, especially to a stranger. However, we can’t solve a problem unless we know what it is.

I think an initial phone conversation can be a start, schedule a free 15 minute call here.


Where do I come for a session?

For a session you will have to come down to my office in Delhi, the address, of course, is shared once you complete the booking process.


What is the duration of counseling?

One counseling session is held for 50 minutes. Duration of counseling will vary as per client’s nature and intensity of the problem.


What I can’t do for you?

While counseling is a guided help, there is one thing I cannot do for you:

I cannot do the work required by you to improve your life. Yes, I will guide you in your journey but it is you who will make choices and act on them.

Group Counselling

Workshops & Events





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