Project Dor

Project Dor, Community Counselling

In Collaboration with: Enactus Kirori Mal College, Delhi University

A friend contacted me if I could do group counselling for her friend’s project. I said sure connect us and I’ll how I may contribute.

Fast forward, two students from Enactus of Kirori Mal College are in office explaining to me this project that needs urgent attention.

Project Dor is an effort towards economic empowerment of women living in a village on the outskirts of Delhi. The aim is to make them understand need of regular income, a healthy one that too.

The students have developed a beautiful system of manufacturing tie n die scarves, supervised by them and created by these women (see picture).


However, women face one challenge: lack of ownership for their work. Maybe this is what happens when you have managed to survive with other or no means also. Nevertheless, we worked together on this and I travelled to their community to talk to them.

I was told this community is run by two main women who are heads for their families and influence all other women. I visited the house of one lady, observed their routine, just usual regular stuff and chilling while doing so. Also, they were excited to see a new face in their neighbourhood.


Later, I visited another house, where I was welcomed by the head woman who was overseeing breakfast being cooked. Cooking here happens on traditional wood fire, simple chapatti with onion and maybe a dish (on days when it can be afforded).


To my surprise, the lady knew Punjabi and we started conversing in it. Happy she was! Her daughter, who had her children running around her explained to me their side of the issues:

  • Lack of exposure to go and purchase raw material
  • Fights amongst women for higher share
  • Lack of regular income
  • Lack of confidence to converse with potential buyers (Visitors to stalls where scarves are sold)

Honestly, I did not have much experience with managing community like this one. But I did know what I could do, talk. So we asked the women to call women from the neighbourhood, who ever wanted to have money.

After 15 minutes, the empty terrace was full of women, all ages and personality. We started by basic introduction and I asked them the following questions:

  • How many family members in each house? (average was 6)
  • How many earning members? (average was 1 member)
  • What is the total income? (sometimes 6000, sometimes nothing)
  • How much money do you want? (no definite answer, the more the better)


The last question really made the change, along with the proposition to earn this money by improving how they work and complying with Project Managers. We discussed how changes would be brought in from this day forward.

I observed one woman to be proactive during all this and offered her to lead the group, happily she agreed. With one leader and associated need to earn, we concluded on more work and promise of better work from them and the team.

Have you had a similar experience?

I’d love to exchange some ideas,

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