Self Awareness for Self Love

Do you love yourself?

We’re born Tabula Rasa, a clean slate. From birth, we begin our journey, of experiences that shape
our reality. Experiences in society form our self-image, views about life, people, objects- basically
everything that is there in your life is based on experiences you had.


Society plays a major role in providing us with experiences. Humans are said to be a social being,
implying we can’t live in silos and require interaction with other beings.
Interactions with people around us and meaning we give to that shape our self-image. The way we
view ourselves and how we treat ourselves.

Self-image can either work for you (build your life) or against you (weigh you down). A high self-image
is said to be when an individual looks after their needs and desires first. Ze is confident in
expressing ze’s needs to people and is assertive in telling people if they misbehave with them.


A low self-image is said to be when an individual report to feeling lost, unhappy in life without being
able to identify the reason for experiencing so. Also, Ze desires certain things but ends up doing the
opposite. Low self-image is a primary cause of unhappiness in life.


It is similar to carrying a wound, not applying an ointment to cure it and experiencing constant pain.
This workshop was built around identifying causes of the low self-image, role of society and healthy
ways to build on self-image.


How would you define yourself? Write to me and I’ll see if you’re building yourself or weighing
yourself down